time for schnapps!

Our friends Patrick and Sarah Saunders at Black Shuck Distillery have started summer in style with the launch of their new range of Schnapps. With four delicious flavours on offer, these drinks are must-haves for your alfresco get togethers. 

Since the Black Shuck Distillery business was conceived at the Saunders’ family home in Fakenham, it has led the way with new ideas, innovative recipes, and eye-catching packaging. 

The iconic Black Shuck brand is now recognised across Norfolk and beyond. The striking image of Black Shuck, drawn by daughter Leanne at one of the early family meetings in 2011, still adorns every bottle that leaves the distillery.

Back in 2015, when the team were approached by Dragon’s Den and invited onto the programme, they gave the matter serious consideration. They wrote a business plan based on investment from a dragon, calculated the potential for growth, and prepared their bid speeches. However, when the time came to submit their application, the team had a unanimous change of heart. They were rightly proud of their own achievements, and they were not ready to hand over control. It is a decision they have never regretted. Patrick reflects: “Being a small team enables us to be reactive to changing situations such as when we adapted the distillery to make hand sanitiser during covid. Equally importantly, we can act on our instincts to bring new products to the shelves. In a highly competitive food and drink industry, it is great to be part of an emerging trend rather than waiting to follow in the wake of others.”

In 2021, the team noticed that their liqueurs were gaining popularity. Customers seemed to like the simplicity of a drink that didn’t always require a mixer. So, with their ever-loyal tasting panel, they began work on a new collection. As recipes were developed, it was Nicola who had a ‘light bulb’ moment when she suggested creating flavours profiles that could also lend themselves to cocktails. This was the piece of the jigsaw the team needed to drive their new collection. 

The Black Shuck team predict that shots and cocktails will be the drinks of choice this summer. The release of their range of Schnapps is perfectly timed.

The collection has launched with four unique Schnapps flavours to tempt Black Shuck fans old and new:

 • Strawberry & Lime
• Pineapple & Coconut 
• Passion Fruit & Lime 
• Banana & Toffee

As always, the team has put plenty of attention into their branding. While the new collection will be readily recognisable as part of the Black Shuck family, the branding is breathtakingly fresh and new. The new strap line Schnapp it, Share it, Shake it, Shuck it refers to the versatility of the collection. 

The Schnapps labels are guaranteed to catch your eye. However, not only are the new labels stunning, but they are also all unique. That’s right. Every single bottle is a limited-edition bottle. 

Try these delicious summer recipes and get ready to Schnapp it, Share it, Shake it, Shuck it this summer! 

Buy from your regular stockists or order your bottle online at blackshuckltd.co.uk

click here for the Black Shuck Passion Fruit Piña Colada recipe

click here for the Black Shuck Passion Fruit Martini recipe

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