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There are so many great products out there this winter, ones that taste delicious and ones to make your life easier. We are sharing some of our favourites with you over the next pages. These make great gifts, either for yourself or for your loved ones, and we have the best of the best here for you below. 

Add the wow factor – Black Allium Black Garlic Mayonnaise

Black Allium is the brainchild of Jackie Kennedy, one half of Marsh Pig. Launched earlier this year, this is black garlic like you have never had before! Rich and sweet in flavour, and nothing like raw white garlic, Jackie prepares her organic garlic in small batches. 

The black garlic mayo is ridiculously good; trying not to eat it directly from the jar was a challenge. It jazzed up the plainest sandwich into something luxurious and adds extra depth to something as simple as a Marie Rose sauce. If you are looking to pimp up your salads, sandwiches and sauces, then look no further than Black Allium Black Garlic Mayo!

Add a touch of class – Hilton Macarons

They say you never forget your first love – you also never forget your first Hilton Macaron! Handmade in Framlingham, these macarons are elegant, yet also generous in both size and filling. And what delicious fillings they are! From the classics, including an amazing passionfruit chocolate, to seasonal selections, Hilton Macarons are like no other. 

We enjoyed the depth of flavour and the sheer indulgence of these macarons – the crisp shell, the chewy middle – and then there are the flavours, all of which are both balanced and ‘there’. The mulled spice tastes just like Christmas, while the ginger chocolate was like fresh gingerbread. 

The best macarons outside of Paris? Absolutely – and probably inside, too! 

A drop of the good stuff – Burn Valley Pinot Noir 2021

Sisters Laura and Sam Robinson from Burn Valley Vineyard in North Norfolk are consistently creating wines that all add up to East Anglia being a great place to make world-class wine. Their newest release is a 2021 Pinot Noir, an elegant, soft red that easily rivals the New World. 

This is a red that can be enjoyed lightly chilled or at room temperature, making it ideal to go alongside your roast turkey. With notes of cherry and redcurrant, a gentle star anise spice, and a hint of tobacco, this is a very refined wine, and one that will see you through the winter nights into spring days. 

Make Christmas complete with a LillyPuds pud

Founded in Suffolk by Ali Lilly, LillyPuds is no ordinary Christmas pudding, being light, tasty, and packed full of quality ingredients. The Lillypuds range ensures that no one misses out at Christmastime, with vegan, gluten-free, and without nuts options added. There is even a speciality orange-free plum pudding!

These award-winning Christmas puds are a true delight and full of flavour; the gluten-free pudding especially was truly scrumptious. It is good to know that ‘free from’ doesn’t mean a compromise on taste. 

  • Prices start at £8.50 for two individual portions going up to £21 for the massive 908g pud. The smallest pudding is perfect for one person, with the largest serving a family
  • lillypuds.co.uk

Rise and shine with Paddy & Scott’s

Making serious coffee for serious coffee drinkers, Paddy & Scott’s is another Framlingham favourite. With the smell of fresh coffee being one of our favourite scents, what is not to love about unwrapping a Paddy & Scott’s delivery? 

A big plus went to the strength of the coffee, which comes ground or as whole beans, as well as the names – Wakey Wakey, Easy Days, and Chit Chat, all of which do exactly what they say. We loved the Brew Bag, with all the taste of fresh barista coffee but in a ‘tea bag’ version.

These coffees are not just for the ultra-cool coffee geek, but also for those whose jaded coffee tastebuds perhaps need reawakening. 

Eclipsing the rest with Stellar

Renowned cookware brand Stellar has launched Eclipse, a new cookware range that is both aesthetic and performance driven. A special tri-ply construction offers exceptional efficiency and controllability: pans heat up and cool down more quickly; it takes less energy to warm them up; and pans heat from the base and radiate up the sides for consistent internal temperature.

This range is perfect for home cooks who want to take their cooking to the next level, with the range of weighted stainless steel pans – that includes a non-stick milk pan, non-stick frying pans, chef’s pan, and saucepan sets – ticking all the boxes.

Festive magic with Seggiano

Italian specialists Seggiano always deliver, and this year’s festive collection includes artisan delights that are perfect for the food lover in your life. New this year is
Seggiano’s Vegan Panettone, a light, fluffy, and fragrant slice of panettone heaven. Full of the quality you come to expect with this brand, those enjoying a plant-based diet won’t feel like they’re missing out at Christmastime with a slice of this. 

A nourish favourite is the Limoncello Panettone – made using limoncello liqueur from the Amalfi Coast, this panettone is packed with flavour and a bold, lemon-kick. The finishing flourish is layers of limoncello marmalade, making this a true feast for the senses. And you can even buy them locally! 

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