time to breath – time to nourish

How wonderful to welcome nourish to our lives; nourish conjures up the feeling of comfort and joy and total contentment in my mind, and that is where your journey could begin at The Lawnes Beauty Clinic in Loddon. Jane Woolston tells us how.

Beauty treatments have changed considerably in the past 15 years due to the necessity of a regular appointment to gain the most benefit from each session. Not only that, but beauty treatments also now include a holistic element that offer warmth, comfort, and nourishment for the soul from experts in their field. From tremendous customer service to the highly skilled therapists offering individual and bespoke advice and treatment in all areas of beauty, holistic, and well-being, beauty has evolved to become something much more personal. 

Let us nourish the skin, hair, the whole body, and face with the gentleness of exquisite products and a touch that cares. Over the past 18 months, the power of touch has become increasingly important. The warmth of ones’ hands on another person has the most amazing healing powers and even the lightest of touches can allow warmth to penetrate through the skin and help to restore balance. The comfort of the power of touch brings so much, even if it is just a guiding hand on a client’s shoulder to reassure or to empower them to go on and do more. Touch has such a great response within the body in terms of balance and healing, and yet it is done with such little effort

The power of touch is often readily accepted more so by women than men. Talking to my clients and friends, I find that, for me, my take on the power of touch is that it empowers, heals, reassures, relaxes, and comforts. Touch that is healing and soothing is a powerful and tremendous tool on its own, but we also use it to great effect during our appointments at The Lawnes.

One of our most wonderful treatments that celebrates touch is when we use our ultimate Mirific body oil from Guinot. This oil, that uses only the finest of ingredients, is described as an oil that is ‘nourishing for the body and hair, targeting skin that needs moisture and softness and leaving it with a perfect, satin smooth texture that looks and feels radiant’. Now, what more could conjure up nourish that that!

Self-care is all part of that nourishment ritual that so many of us have taken on board in the past 18 months and in order to give to others, we have to pay attention to our own well-being.

So go on, give yourself that self-nourishment that is truly deserved and needed. Don’t make the excuses of ‘I don’t have time’ or ‘I feel like I’m being selfish’ because we all need calm and order so that we can function better and win over the busy lifestyles we all seem to have adopted.

Top tips for self-care from home
Give yourself a break from routine: let the family sort out supper while you have a hot bubbly bath surrounded by scented candles and your favourite tipple.

Give your skin on your body a treat by massaging with a Riffi mitt while in bath or shower to invigorate the skin.

Apply the heavenly scented spray of the fine Mirific body oil to nourish, deeply relax, and
smooth your skin.

As the relaxation progresses, meditate a little: breathe deeply in for three through the nose and
then breathe out through your mouth for the count of four. 

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