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We met up with Ben and Matthew Conway, directors of Dipple & Conway Opticians, to chat about matching your eyewear to the occasion this summer and creating your own personal brand. 

With the summer months upon us, the British social calendar really starts to fill up! Whether it’s strawberries and cream at Wimbledon, a glass of champagne at a summer ball, a sunny beach gathering or a picnic by the river, accessories are an essential part of any outfit. Being front and centre on your face, glasses are no exception.

“A well-chosen pair of glasses can make or break a look, so why do so many of us settle for just one pair for all occasions?” said Matthew. “We can spend a lot of time deciding on the perfect outfit only to undo all the effort by wearing the wrong pair of glasses!

“We have seen a real rise in the number of clients who are building a collection of eyewear to choose from. There are many benefits in owning multiple pairs of glasses. One is the ability to showcase your personal style. Just as you curate your wardrobe to suit various occasions, having a diverse eyewear collection allows you to tailor your look to specific events. A stylish, fun pair of spectacles can elevate your appearance at a social gathering, showcasing your personality and adding a touch of glamour to your ensemble. Whereas you may need a more classical, formal looking pair to project a professional image at work.

“Another benefit to having multiple pairs of glasses is practical. Imagine relying on a single pair of glasses and then losing them the day before a holiday – in this situation, a spare pair of glasses would make you feel very wise indeed!”

Ben continues: “Aside from the all-important sartorial considerations, quite simply, different environments and tasks require different glasses! For example, outdoor events call for sunglasses with glare and UV protection to shield your eyes from uncomfortable brightness and harmful sun rays. Additionally, anti-glare or blue-light-filtering lenses are ideal for work environments that involve extensive screen time, preventing eyestrain and fatigue. You wouldn’t wear your screen glare reducing computer glasses for a boat trip on the Broads any more than you’d wear your polarised distance sunglasses to work on a spreadsheet!”

By having different pairs of spectacles tailored to specific occasions, you ensure your eyes receive the necessary protection and visual support they need, allowing you to be in the moment and focus on the activity or work, not on the feel of your glasses.

“Famous spectacle wearer Elton John has admitted to owning over 250,000 pairs of glasses!” laughs Matthew. “While this might be a slight stretch for most of us, he understands how important the right pair of glasses, at the right time, is to his personal brand.” 

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