sparkling eyewear for party season and beyond 

Matthew Conway of Dipple & Conway Opticians shares how the right sparkling eyewear can become a statement piece for Christmas – and beyond. 

Cheers to party season! The diary is getting full of seasonal celebrations, drinks, meals out and parties as we look forward to spending lots of quality time with friends, family, and colleagues. 

This special time of year presents us with endless opportunities to indulge in delicious food and drink and, as we do so, excuses to get fabulously dressed up, too.

As well as forward planning what wine, canapés, and cheeses to order in for guests, are you also thinking about what to wear for your festive dates? And what spectacles will accessorise your Christmas looks perfectly too? 

If you’re in the market for a pair of stylish spectacles to add a little sparkle and dazzle to your outfits, Dipple & Conway Opticians can help you find a gorgeous pair of new glasses that will elevate any look this party season, and reassuringly, they only stock frames that will last for many years to come. 

Matthew Conway, managing director of the Norfolk family-run independent firm, says; “We’re all making more conscious fashion choices, and where we can, choosing to buy investment pieces that will stand the test of time. That goes for glasses too. 

“Just like a classic velvet blazer, sequined evening dress, bejewelled clutch bag or a cashmere sweater, a well-chosen pair of timeless spectacles, crafted from high-quality materials will create a dazzling addition to your wardrobe for years or even decades to come. 

“Spectacles are like jewellery, and can instantly lift an evening look, adding an extra touch of sparkle and luxe. Meanwhile, a bold statement, tonal pair of frames will perfectly complement a more casual, daytime outfit. 

“Our style advisors work closely with our clients, helping people to curate a collection of frames that will complement their personal taste and style, and suit their lifestyle. 

“Especially at this time of year, we’re helping our clients feel confident and well-dressed for party season, but also finding frames they can wear for special occasions throughout the year, and once the last bauble has been packed away. 

“As more of us take a more conscious, considered approach to buying long-lasting pieces, we help clients find investment frames that will stand the test of time. Longevity is the key word here. All our hand-selected spectacles are crafted from the finest materials and truly made to last.

“For those who love a contemporary, bold look, glasses by Face à Face, assembled by skilled craftsmen in France and Italy, are an excellent choice, inspired by modern art and architecture, resulting in unique frames that are full of personality. While the stunning Lindberg Precious range that you can see in our Norwich, Diss and Swaffham practices, is one of the most prestigious eyewear collections in the world. Handcrafted in precious metals by their team of goldsmiths and set with diamonds, a pair of Lindberg Precious frames is just like adorning an outfit with a fine piece of beautiful jewellery. 

“And as you would get a favourite pair of shoes re-soled, when your prescriptions change, we can fit
new lenses to any glasses bought at Dipple & Conway. A vision to wear all year around, our glasses are not just for Christmas.” 

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