recipe by Simon Turner, The Boars


Servings: 10


Chef’s note:

This wonderfully indulgent Italian dessert has become an absolute favourite of ours. Following the death of ‘The Father of Tiramisu’ Ado Campeol in 2021, we paid homage by putting our version of his dessert on our menu. And to be honest, it’s been on pretty much permanently since! The dish originated in Treviso and was originally seen as a family favourite, as it contained no alcohol. However, the dish has evolved and other flavours have been added. For me, as the name Tiramisu translates to pick me up, I think it should have a good kick – and that means good strong coffee and booze to soak the sponge fingers in! Perfect for entertaining, this dish is pretty easy to make, and is best made in advance.




  1. First, get a square/rectangular dish, or even an old trifle dish, approx. 12cm x 14cm.

  2. Make your coffee and mix with the amaretto and coffee liqueur in a mixing bowl and set aside.

  3. In a food mixer, or by hand, whisk together the cream and icing sugar to make soft peaks.

  4. Add the mascarpone and whisk again for a short time until mixed together.

  5. With the whisk running on a low setting, add the egg yolk until the mixture is thick and glossy. It should be quite firm, but not over-whipped.

  6. Spread a thin layer of cream mix across the base of your dish to cover the bottom.

  7. Take your Savoiardi biscuits and, one at a time, drop them into the coffee/liqueur blend, turning the biscuits over a few times until they start to soften, but you can still pick up whole. As soon as they soften, lay them, one by one, across the cream mixture until you have a layer of boozy sponge.

  8. Dust with a little cocoa powder through a tea strainer or small sieve.

  9. Repeat with a thin layer of cream, soaked biscuits and cocoa powder, and then repeat once more so you have three layers of sponge fingers and cream.

  10. Spread the remaining cream mixture over the top to create a really thick top layer, taking it right to the brim of the dish, and dust with cocoa powder.

  11. Leave the tiramisu for at least four hours – overnight is better, if you can wait that long!

  12. To serve, mark the top into portion-sized squares, and use a spatula or slice to dig the first piece out and go from there.

  13. The tiramisu will keep for a good three days, covered in a fridge. If you have coffee liqueur left, it will keep for a while – or you can used to make an iced coffee cocktail!

  14. There is no need for garnish. Just eat the tiramisu and feel happier about life.

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