beef brisket chilli con carne

Recipe by The Delicate Diner

beef brisket chilli con carne

Servings: 4


Chef’s note:

Summer is our busiest time on the farm,

so we have again asked Samantha from The Delicate Diner – and nourish – to share one of her recipes with us made from our own home-reared beef. This slow-cook is a real winner, as well as being easy on the pocket as it uses brisket, which melts in the mouth after a long, slow-cook. Build up the heat to your own levels, and enjoy a bowl of comfort this autumn. Samantha serves this with our Skyr-style yoghurt,

made from our raw Jersey milk. It is a great alternative to sour cream, and it definitely keeps it local!


to serve


  1. If you have a slow cooker with a hob-safe cooking pot, use that to start your chilli. Otherwise, do in a pan and then transfer.  

  2. Put the oil and red onions either into the cooking pot/pan and cook over a high heat to add some colour quickly. Adding a pinch of salt at this point will help soften the onions. Once they start to caramelise, add the beef. Stir regularly but brown the beef as far as you feel comfortable with; this adds a smokey layer to the dish.

  3. Add the garlic, spices, and ancho chilli and stir well. I add a splash of water to ensure the spices don’t burn and become bitter.

  4. Add the diced pepper and then the tomato purée; stir well to cook it out. Season with black pepper, then add the passata, the stock pot, and tinned tomatoes. Stir well.

  5. Finally, add the kidney beans and 250ml water – I use some of the water to rinse out the passata/tomato tins to ensure no waste. Put the pot into the slow cooker and cook on low for six hours.

  6. Towards the end of cooking, add the paprika and taste. You can now adjust the seasoning to your own taste.

  7. Serve with the yoghurt, squeeze of lime, fresh coriander, and the sides of your choice.

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