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Anne Falgate of Cupcake & Co in Norwich shares her first column and also a great recipe to cook with your children and to gain confidence in baking.

How about these two firsts? My first column and the first issue of nourish

It is always thrilling starting a new venture, and I remember how excited I was launching Cupcake & Co back in 2011. I say ‘launched’ but it was more of a splutter really. No social media hype back then, just goodwill and support of family and some lovely friends who asked me to make their wedding cupcakes. They remain married and Cupcake & Co has gone from strength to strength, so I remain forever indebted to them for having faith.

Losing yourself in the magic and science of baking can be the best kind of therapy. It surely isn’t a coincidence that during lockdown last year an estimated 27 million of us took to our kitchens turning out banana bread by the tonne. In a time of great uncertainty, we sought solace in the process of weighing, sifting, and mixing. Of waiting by the oven while the biochemistry and molecular biology bit happened, soaking up unbeatable smells of freshly baked goods and sharing our endeavours with those close to us. 

For baking is a communal experience. Is there anything quite like sharing generous slices of mouth-watering homemade cake with family or friends? Knowing that what you have made will make people happy is one of the best feelings. You get to do something you love, and people will love you for it. The fact that you get to indulge too is just the icing on the cake; (sorry). It’s also generally not difficult – take time to follow a recipe and really anyone can do it. Now I’m not saying you will be turning out a three tier wedding cake at your first attempt but with a little practice… 

So many celebrations have become associated with baked goods. Birthday? Eat cake. Christmas? Eat cake. Wedding? You get the picture. There doesn’t need to be an occasion to justify baking something wonderful though. Get your family or friends together to eat it and the cake IS the celebration!

Try Anne’s delicious pound cake and once you nail it, try adding fruit or chocolate chips next time. 

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