life is a panettone

Christmas is one of Andrea Lucchetti’s favourite times of the year. One of his favourite Italian festive treats is panettone and, as the owner of Wymondham Chiropractic Clinic, Andrea, talks about how the structure of this bread-like cake is similar to the core muscles in his patients. 

Christmas is a special time in Italy, as it is another great excuse to eat lovely food! The panettone is a staple of Italian culture this time of year and coming from north Italian origins, I am proud to say that this after dinner delicacy is generally regarded as originating from Milan. It is claimed the ancient Romans at the time of Pliny the Elder, in the 1st century, sweetened a type of leavened cake with honey. But the first attestations go back to the 16th century with the Popes of the day enjoying pan de ton. Interestingly, it was only in the late 19th century that Panettone was made popular for the everyday Italian. This was mainly because of the need for fine white flour to make it with, something that was a luxury reserved for the bourgeoisie until then.

There are different varieties, but most contain candied fruit, zest and raisins. Pandoro is another version, this time with no fruit inside. Both are light in texture, achieved by being proved many times to create the airy texture. You can try making it at home but start a few days before you want to eat it! Can you make it? Yes, have a go! You will need milk, flour, butter, candied peel, yeast, eggs, vanilla bean paste, and sugar. 

Like a lot of Italian families, mine like dunking stuff in alcohol. Panettone is no exception and even at the end of an exhaustive festive meal, they will have an enthusiastic requirement to eat a slice of panettone by dunking it in prosecco or, more traditionally, in sweet or dry Spumante. My friends here in the UK find this a very complimentary post-dinner idea too!

Your family and friends will appreciate the effort required to make Panettone, and I find this is
also reflected in the effort our patients make to get better. Chiropractic is a hands-on therapy, and we look to improve your condition with each treatment, but it is also important to follow a carefully prescribed exercise programme. If you have not been given such a plan, then talk to your therapist. 

Developing core muscles, and stretching tight muscles and joints, is such a big part of treatment, both in early and long-term stages of treatment. Recovery from your spinal condition is so much better, faster, and long lived. In reality, accurate patient centred exercises, prescribed with thought and intelligence, should only take a few minutes a day to do. It does take discipline, and a little bit of effort, but just like making panettone, it is very much worth it! Combining daily exercise with chiropractic treatment is a great Christmas present to give yourself – and one that will last long into the New Year.

Buon Natale a tutti! 

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