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One thing that unites all those working in the hospitality industry is the extraordinary passion for ingredients, cooking, service and quality, which is something that A Passion to Inspire has been nurturing in young people since 2009.

Initially developed to create stronger links between education and industry, A Passion to Inspire is a hopeful charity that works with colleges, restaurateurs, hoteliers, farmers and top chefs to inspire, encourage, and support students in their chosen careers.

From its initial format as a competition, Murray Chapman found the non-profit-making initiative in 2009. It has since expanded to work with over 172 colleges, including Sheffield, East Kent, Farnborough, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Forth Valley, Eastleigh, City College Glasgow, South Lanarkshire, Hackney, Trafford, Penwith and Truro, and West Suffolk. It is open to all students at any level, including front of house and kitchen.

The Flying Visit programme gives students the chance to visit RSPCA Assured-approved farms and renowned farms such as Dingley Dell Pork and Loch Duart Salmon. Students have the opportunity to be involved in major industry events, and colleges get to meet top chefs, restaurateurs, and hoteliers, as well as producers, growers and suppliers. 

Through their charity dinners, A Passion to Inspire has raised over a staggering £236,000 for charities such as the NSPCC, Teenage Cancer Trust, Whirlow Hall Farm Trust, and Hospitality Action.

It is not only the students who get to enjoy being part of this dynamic initiative, the incredible list of chefs who work with them also relish being involved with the innovative project. Adam Reid, Brad Carter, Daniel Clifford, Ross Sneddon, Benoit Blin, Claire Clark, Rupert Rowley, Adam Smith, Alan Paton, Chris Lee, Adam Simmonds, Nick Claxton-Webb, Russell Bateman and Eric Snaith are just a handful of chefs who have worked with A Passion to Inspire. 

Mark Poynton, Chef Patron at MJP Restaurants, says: “I have been involved with A Passion to Inspire from the start. The charity works with over 172 colleges and hundreds of students, inspiring them to create great food and, more importantly, develop themselves in our fantastic industry.”

With the involvement of people from the entire industry – from farm to front of house – A Passion to Inspire helps and supports the future of tomorrow today. 

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• Partners include :
Adnams, Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board, Anglia Free Range Eggs, Anglia Produce, Association of Pastry Chefs, BCF, Ben Rigby Game, Blackthorn Salt, Brasteds, Chefi Knife Rolls, Craft Guild of Chefs, Creedy Carver, Dingley Dell Pork, Direct Meats, East Coast Avocet, First Contact Chefs, Gourmet Classic, Hallgarten & Novum Wines,  HRC- Salon Culinaire, Loch Duart Salmon, Infusions Group, Mara Seaweed, Marine Conservation Society, Marr Fish, Master Chefs of Great Britain, MJP Restaurants, Mrs Temple Cheese, MSK Ingredients, Novo Farina, PACE, Ponthier, RSPCA Assured, Russums, Skills for Chefs, Sosa, Springboard/ Future Chef, Teenage Cancer Trust, Titchwell Manor, True Food Stocks, Wine Cellar BSE, Zest Quest Asia 

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