Big C’s Big Bum to go on Show

Don’t turn the other cheek…

Big C is looking to grab the headlines with their return to the Royal Norfolk Show in June, with the reveal of Big C’s Big Bum. The local cancer charity has been named as a chosen charity for this year’s show, alongside the Rare Breeds Survival Trust.

The giant-sized inflatable model of the human large bowel will create a 12 x 6 metre walk-through educational exhibit for all ages to understand more about the internal workings of this area of our body and any changes to look out for.

Floor Plan

The tour begins at Big C’s Big Pants and journeys through a tunnel of the large bowel where there will be information panels and questions for children and their family to answer and learn about the human body.

At the exit, there will be a large marquee area with further interactive exhibits, provided by the Endoscopy Services Team at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. A private area will also be available where anyone with questions or concerns can speak to Big C’s team of qualified nurses and support and information officers. A ‘Healthy Plate’ display will highlight a balanced diet which can reduce the risk of bowel cancers.

Simon Gooch, Health Education Officer at Big C, said: “We wanted our activity at this year’s Royal Norfolk Show to have impact and I’m confident we will achieve this with Big C’s Big Bum! Bowel cancer currently accounts for 11% of all diagnosed cancers in the UK* and we are hoping to draw attention to ourselves with this big, bold stand, so that we can raise awareness of symptoms to look out for, because early stage cancers often respond more effectively to treatment. We can all reduce our risk of cancer by keeping active, maintaining a healthy weight, reducing red meat consumption, especially processed meat, drinking less alcohol, eating more fibre, and being smoke-free and we will have bright and appealing displays to illustrate this.”

Dr Melanie Pascale

Dr Melanie Pascale, Director of Charitable Operations at Big C, said: “The Royal Norfolk Show is a wonderful opportunity for us to reveal Big C’s Big Bum to raise awareness of one of the most common cancers, help with prevention and early diagnosis, and to encourage conversation around the topic with our bold and cheeky exhibit! We will also have qualified professionals on hand for anyone with questions or needing support.”

Big C’s Big Bum will provide the opportunity for visitors to the show to take a cheeky look inside the large bowel and learn about the fascinating human body. There will be special activities designed for children to increase their awareness of the human anatomy, and the importance of keeping active and eating five portions of fruit and vegetables per day as part of a balanced diet.

This latest health awareness project from Big C is being led by the charity’s Education Department, which focuses on cancer prevention via education among the public, to help save lives and reduce the burden on the NHS. The team provides workshops and awareness initiatives in schools, businesses and at regional events.

Dr Chris Bushby, CEO at Big C said: “It will be wonderful to once again see the crowds at the Royal Norfolk Show, and to have this opportunity to engage with people as part of our education strategy. We wish everyone a great show!”

  • For Big C support please telephone 0800 092 7640 or email
  • *CRUK 2022, via Brown et al 2015
  • Big C is one of East Anglia’s largest cancer charities, having raised £40 million since it was founded 40 years ago. Today, Big C’s loyal supporters help the charity raise on average £3 million pounds every year to help those in our community who are affected by cancer. 
  • Seven Cancer Support and Information Centres and Hubs, located in Norwich, King’s Lynn, Great Yarmouth, Gorleston, Wells Community Hospital, Thetford Healthy Living Centre and the Peartree Centre in Suffolk, provide friendly, specialist, practical and emotional support for those with a cancer diagnosis and their families in a non-clinical environment. Services include professional counselling, complementary therapies, group therapy, wellbeing programmes and welfare advice in partnership with Citizen’s Advice.
  • Support is available via the Big C virtual centre, offering video 1:1 support, virtual support groups and over the telephone too, for those who can’t travel to Big C’s centres, or who prefer support from the comfort of their own home. 
  • Big C is based in the heart of the Norwich Research Park, where the charity has helped to fund internationally significant research projects, greatly benefiting local people and having a global impact on our understanding of preventing and treating cancer.
  • Visit them online at

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