fillet of seabass with crayfish and samphire risotto, beetroot purée, basil oil and honey- glazed carrots

Recipe from Keith Parton

fillet of seabass with crayfish and samphire risotto, beetroot purée, basil oil and honey- glazed carrots

Servings: 2


Chef’s note: The trick here is to make sure your pans are really hot before you put the fish and risotto in. Also, salt the pan, not the fish; with meat, it is the other way around. Fish is so delicate, and you don’t want to overpower it. 

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  1. First, make the risotto. Put ½ a pint of warm water into a jug with the fish bouillon and a pinch of sea salt. In a hot pan, add the risotto rice together with a knob of butter. Stir well, and then gradually add the stock until you start to discolour the rice. Simmer for 20 minutes, then remove from the heat to cool. 

  2. Make the beetroot purée by boiling the beetroot until cooked. Turn off the heat and leave to cool. Place the beetroot into a blender with ¼ pint of water and 2 tablespoons of the honey. Blitz until fine and set aside.

  3. To make the basil oil, blanch a large handful of basil leaves in hot water, then plunge straight into iced water. Put the basil, white wine vinegar and sugar into a blender and blitz. Slowly add rapeseed oil until you have a wonderful green oil. Set aside.

  4. Scrub the baby carrots and par-cook whole until al dente. Blanch and set aside.

  5. When ready to cook, put the wine in a hot pan and add 170g of the cooked risotto. Bring to a simmer
    and season with salt and pepper. After two minutes, add the samphire and after another minute, add the crayfish. Stir well and remove from the heat to settle.

  6. Meanwhile, in another hot pan, add a touch of rapeseed oil, swirl around, and drain the excess. Salt and pepper the pan, and then put the sea bass in the pan, skin side down. After 90 seconds, flip the bass and cook for another minute. Remove from the heat and keep warm.

  7. For the carrots, put a knob of butter in a hot pan and add the carrots and the last tablespoon of honey. Cook for one minute, tossing well, and set aside.

  8. When you are ready to serve, stir some saffron through the risotto. Place a round cutter on a plate and fill with one dessertspoonful of the risotto. Top with the sea bass and place the carrots around the dish. Add the beetroot purée and basil oil, then finish with sliced lemon and pea shoots. 

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