beef tartare, whole grain mustard, broad beans, endive, black garlic mayonnaise

Recipe by Greig Young; Head Chef at The Northgate

beef tartare, whole grain mustard, broad beans, endive, black garlic mayonnaise

Difficulty: Intermediate
Servings: 4


Chef’s note:
I have served beef tartare in many different guises but this one has stuck as my favourite. I get that raw beef can be quite intimidating for some diners, but the addition of broad beans, crunchy bitter chicory, and some freshly plucked broad bean leaves makes it much more accessible to everyone. I like to open a meal with this to share, inviting people to scoop up the meat with the leaves and really dig in.

The trick to this dish is the same secret to most of my cooking – buy the best you can afford to get your hands on, buy fresh and season it up well with good salt! The black garlic may be a little hard to source but you can get some from infusions, delis, Waitrose or even Amazon. The chicory should be easy enough to find but the broad bean leaves are the treat for those of you with a garden or allotment!


for the black garlic aioli


  1. For the black garlic aioli, blend all ingredients apart from the oil using a stick blender, then slowly emulsify in the oil. Keep this chilled, and don’t worry if you make too much – it is delicious and will be used up before you know it!

  2. The key to this recipe is to make it as close to serving as possible with only the mayonnaise done in advance. Keep your meat in a bowl over ice.

  3. Chop the beef to a lovely coarse consistency but not too small. Season with a good amount of salt and pepper. Add a tablespoon of your oil and give it a good beat over ice with a spatula. Fold in your shallots, chives, broad beans, and mustard, then check the seasoning.

  4. Pick your chicory leaves and dress in the remaining olive oil and balsamic. This should be a very light dressing.

  5. Spread your beef mix across two plates and generously dot or spoon on your black garlic aioli.

  6. Cover entirely with your chicory leaves then fill in the gaps with your broad bean leaves!

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