the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers

The most wonderful thing about nourish is the amazing people we regularly get to speak to. From hoteliers, restauranteurs, shop owners, producers, and landlords, to those we meet when travelling around East Anglia, there is always one common thread. Hospitality.

Hospitality makes the nourish world go around. We all remember the great experiences we have when dining out, popping to the local shops, and talking to producers about their dreams and inspiration. 

nourish celebrates these amazing moments, and this edition is full of the bright colours and flavours of summer. One place that celebrates both are our cover stars, The Boars at Spooner Row and The King’s Head in New Buckenham. Owned by Simon and Jenny Turner, both places offer fabulous food, celebratory cocktails, gorgeous gardens, and a good sprinkling of wonderful hospitality. 

We then have columnists such as Basil + Pip and Giddens & Thompson, sharing inspiration through beautiful blooms and local fruits. This time of year really is full of the bounty of nature, and here in East Anglia, we are blessed to have such abundance around us. 

Summer is also about fresh flavours, as evidenced in the many fish recipes we have in this issue! We also have a couple of passion fruit cocktails for you to enjoy and, as if that weren’t enough, there are two oozy cheese recipes – all perfect for alfresco dining! 

Whether you are heading to the coast or enjoying time in Norwich and our major towns this summer, we hope you will take nourish with you. We love it when you tag us on social media, sharing the recipes you have cooked from our magazine, or visiting a place you think we will love. 

Speaking of love, Samantha is working on a very exciting project this summer, and so our next edition will be out in November. Our website and social media will stay up to date with news, reviews, competitions and more; sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss out! 

Have a nourishing summer! 

Samantha & Hanneke

  • The next issue of nourish will be out in November – follow us on social media and keep an eye on our website to keep up to date with all the latest news from #eatnourishdrink