shine brightly with flashes of light/a glittering flash of light

When you are in the depths of winter – with its darker days, rainy days, and generally feeling lethargic as you wait for spring to arrive – it can often be hard to look for the positives. But through small moments of light and sparkle, there is always joy to be had. 

Whether it is seeing the first sparkles of Christmas through the eyes of children, cooking up a feast for your loved ones, and then relaxing while they all tuck in and enjoy, or deciding that next year will be your year, and you will follow your dream, there is magic along the way. 

Our cover story in this issue shows just how far following your dreams can go as Stuart and Kim Gooderham from Goodies celebrate their 20th anniversary. From selling potatoes in a layby to having one of South Norfolk’s most popular Food Hall and Café, theirs is a story of perseverance and determination. 

Sometimes, we all need a bit of that, that tenacity to get you through and make your dreams become a reality. And that goes for winter as well – especially as the country is, yet again, facing another crisis. However, while the festive season can sometimes seem contrived with the commercialisation that starts earlier, it remains a magical time. Whether it is seeing friends or family you only see once a year or getting away from it all on a winter escape, there is always something to smile about as we move through those December dates that all merge into one. And then in January, we open a new book, a new page of the calendar, and venture into the New Year to see what adventures the coming 12 months bring. 

We look forward to sharing the adventures of the nourish family with you in 2023, and wish you all a sparkling Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Samantha & Hanneke

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