getting dirty with the Dirty Fryer Boys

Food vans are becoming increasingly popular and in 2021, Dirty Fryer Boys was born from chef Shaun Kent’s passion for both community and good food. Now a full-time business, Dirty Fryer Boys explain why this year will be dirtier than ever. 

Dirty Fryer Boys is owned by Shaun Kent, former Head Chef at the Bird in Hand, Wreningham, until last year when he decided that life on the road is the life for him, and his partner, Vocal Coach Sally Campion-Jones. “This is all Shaun’s idea,” explains Sally. “In years gone by, there used to be old fashioned food trucks visiting communities, and that is something we wanted to revive. There are so many little villages and hidden gems in Norfolk, and we wanted to bring back the food truck idea, especially during the lockdowns when people couldn’t go out to eat conventionally. It was all from there that Dirty Fryer Boys was born.”

With Shaun at the helm, plus the help the king of the fryers, Shaun Clark, Dirty Fryer Boys is a great example of a Norfolk boy staying true to his roots. A chef for over 20 years, he is now serving his dirty burgers and vegan options to a growing following across south Norfolk and beyond. 

“We opened at Tivetshall Village Hall in January last year, and we sold out on our first night,” explains Sally. “From the word go, there has been so much support and love for what we do. Part of that is from our desire to source everything as locally as possible – our uniform is from Empire Printing and Embroidery in Long Stratton, our buns are from Hempnall Village Bakery, and the meats are from Clarkes and Country Kitchen.”

As for the food itself, the menu changes regularly, with specials on each week based on where they are, such as ‘The Ox Box’ served at The Ox and Plough in Old Buckenham, with six-hour slow cooked ox cheek chunks, braised in Tindall Brewery Liberator Ale. One constant on the menu is the Big Dirty Boy Burger – twinned smashed dry-aged patties, double cheese, sticky BBQ brisket, pickled red rings, shredded ‘berg, and Dirty Boy mayo. For vegetarians and vegans, there is plenty of choice, such as cauliflower nuggets in a dirty Korean sauce with spring onions, pickled red onion, and fresh cucumber with coriander and mayo seasoned fries. 

“Shaun is always thinking outside of the box, and he comes up with amazing ideas for our menus,” says Sally. “I think that is why we quickly spread out of south Norfolk and into places such as Hingham and Earsham, as more people heard about our burgers and style and wanted to try it for themselves.”

With Shaun now full-time on Dirty Fryer Boys, although he does do the odd shift at the Bird in Hand to help out, the couple have been able to expand their offerings even further. “A highlight this spring is providing the catering at the Pulham Players Murder Mystery,” says Sally. “We will be offering a three-course meal – while they act out a murder mystery at the Wild West Saloon. We can’t wait!” 

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