nourish: provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition.

You are holding in your hands the very first edition of a new publication. nourish was born out of a passion for food and drink, a desire to share that passion with others, and a belief that local is everything. While this magazine will celebrate all that is good in the true, earthy sense of the word, there will also be the naughty side of nourish to enjoy – the cocktails that we share with friends, the comfort foods that keep us going on rainy days, and cakes made for celebrations. Because life is always about balance, the yin and the yang, and the harmony that it brings.

Alongside this idea of nourishment, we both have a sense of renewal and rebirth through the publication of this first issue. You can expect to see the odd phoenix hidden within these pages, on our website and social media, a mythical bird that is symbolic to us both. One of us has long been a foodie, making three-course meals in her Duke of Edinburgh days, something that sparked a lifelong passion with food; the other has travelled extensively and enjoyed different food cultures, blending it together to make her own style. Combining those – essentially, a love of good food and good wine – we have created nourish, something for you all to enjoy as we recover from the shock of the global pandemic, and see hospitality, friendships, and daily life revitalised again.

In just three short weeks, we have created something from nothing. We have taken the ideals we hold and made something exciting, something that, we hope, will have its place in East Anglia, and beyond, for many years to come. The birth of something always sparks excitement, and when we are able to share food, drink, producers, stories, motivation, healing, and more, that excitement is even more tangible.

The wonderful thing about food, always, is that it is a great leveller. Everyone has their favourite dish, the one they return to time and time again. That one thing they cannot resist on a menu. Or the flavours that take them back to days spent picking fruit and vegetables with grandparents during seemingly never-ending summer holidays. nourish is about sharing the amazing local, seasonal produce that we have with you, and inspiring you to create something magical in your kitchens. Share your creations with the #eatnourishdrink and we will choose our favourites to share with others.
Our first issue contains features, stories, recipes and more from some amazing people who all chose to put their faith in us for this inaugural edition of nourish. We cannot thank you enough for that, and we look forward to sharing the next steps of our journey with you all.

Samantha & Hanneke

  • Our next print edition will be out in November – follow us on social media to keep up to date with what we are up to, the places we have been, and much more besides. We look forward to meeting you all soon.