summer staples for alfresco dining with Jarrold 

It is time to celebrate the sun, so grab your friends and family, pour yourself a glass of something cold and enjoy some fresh, delicious food outside. We’ve asked the experts in the Jarrold Food Hall what they would consider their summer staples for all your outdoor dining needs. 

The Costa Nova Madeira collection, pictured to the left,  takes stoneware to a new level of design. Inspired by nature, it features three vivid colours and a unique “crackled” surface similar to the effect of dappled lighting, to provide your dining table with a touch of summer all year round. You can find The Costa Nova Madeira range, various prices, on the Lower Ground Floor, Jarrold. 

extend an olive branch
The perfect summertime nibble, a dish of olives, is a delight with your evening glass of wine. Marinated in garlic, chilli, and oil, or with a fresh sprig of rosemary and a pinch of rock sea salt, olives make a great ready-to -eat treat but also a welcome addition to summer salads and pasta. 

Whether you are a fan of the tangy kalamata olives or the juicy Greek Halkidiki olives, there is an olive to accompany all your favourite fresh dishes. 

Bio Orto Organic Pitted Peranzana Olives in Extra Virgin Olive Oil 180g, £7.65

oil and water
Let the flavours of your chosen oil or drizzle speak for themselves during the summer months. Find something fresh and peppery to use liberally across all your outdoor dining dishes, including as a base for salad dressings or mix in with other herbs or spices to create a rub.  

This summer staple can add flavour and colour as well as bring together an assortment of ingredients from your fridge. 

• Opt for something such as Crush Smoked Chilli Oil with its hint of heat and sweet smokiness. This will make a great addition to any barbecue, but it will also help to cut through cheeses and cold meats on those extra warm days. 500ml, £5 

a rosé by any other name…
Refreshing, crisp, and fragrant, a bottle of rosé says summer and sunshine. Often with notes of summer fruits such as peach and strawberry, its chilled nature makes it the perfect seasonal sip. There are plenty of delicate rosés from across the Channel, but there’s nothing quite like an English rosé. 

This crisp blush from Winbirri, a vineyard located right here in Norfolk, makes a delightful beverage to serve before a meal or paired with seafood, but make sure it’s on your favourite garden chair in some glorious sunshine. 

Winbirri Vineyard Pinot Noir Rosé 2020 750ml, £19

the sweet smell… 
The English dessert choices of autumn and winter make them perfect for those cosier colder days, but as we move into the spring and summer, we would advise a look at the Mediterranean for inspiration. Cannoli is a tube of fried pastry dough, full of sweet, creamy cheese filling, and is an irresistible Italian treat. Dipped in chocolate, flavoured with citrus hints, or filled with nuts, you can select these delicious desserts to suit your taste. 

Diforti Sicilian Cannoli Pistachio – the complete, ready-to-eat dessert, and are wonderfully indulgent with an end of dinner espresso.    150g, £4.50

Whatever your taste, visit the Jarrold Food Hall to discover your staples for the summer months and the perfect elevations for your alfresco get-togethers. With a dedicated cheese room filled with local and national delights, a deli counter featuring cold and cured meats, and food-cupboard essentials, you’ll find everything you need for all those picnics, barbecues, and picky dinners to be embraced. 

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