[uncountable] the feeling of sharing things and belonging to a group in the place where you live

How quickly this second edition of nourish has come around! We have been truly overwhelmed by the response to the first issue, and we hope that you will enjoy this one as much as we have enjoyed putting it together.

As we were creating this issue, it quickly became apparent that there are two key themes running through the pages of nourish: community, and sustainability. Many of our features talk about how important it is to support the community around them – whether it being through shopping locally rather than from big-named businesses, or through making sure that we are there for each other and being able to reach out a helping hand as needed. 

Sustainability is very much on everyone’s minds, especially following COP26, and the number of steps that businesses are taking to become more sustainable is heartening to read. From working with the local community – there’s that word again – to making small modifications to the way that they conduct their business, change is being made. And that has to be a good thing. 

When you combine the two together, community and sustainability, then surely positive things will follow – and as we head towards the end of a second year of uncertainty, we have to hope that the combination of these things will bring a brighter future, because there is much to look forward to! Many businesses we have spoken to are busier than ever, some working hard to keep their supply levels up with the demand, and even though November can be a typically murky month, the sparkling lights of the festive season are drawing us ever closer to what is, for many, the most magical time of year. 

However, we need to spare a thought for those who may not love the festive season for whatever reason, and also remember those who are on their own and going through hardship. Again, we are back to the theme of community, and there are plenty of examples given within these pages where gratitude is given, and we are reminded to be ready to ask our friends and neighbours: are you okay? 

This winter issue is bursting with all things festive, with a great many recipes that will see you well into 2022 and beyond! There is more from the nourishing side as well, with the balance that we so often need, brought to you here through a variety of wellbeing columns. As one lovely piece of feedback said of the first issue: “this is a magazine you can just pick up anytime and dip into,” and we hope that the great content in these pages does just that once again.

To end, a heartfelt thank you from us both for welcoming nourish into your lives with such open arms. We wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a very happy and healthy 2022. We will see you next year.

Samantha & Hanneke 

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