stylish shades for summers to come

Summertime should be – if the Great British weather prevails – a time to enjoy alfresco dining with friends and family, at pub lunches, picnics, BBQs and in courtyard gardens. And just as essential as a chilled spritzer or your favourite long tall cocktail, is a pair of super stylish sunglasses. Not only to complement your summertime look, but to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays while you glance down the menu under the warmth of the sun. 

If you’ve got your sights set on a new pair of shades this summer, Dipple & Conway Opticians have shared their expertise on how to pick a perfect new pair. In it for the long game, their advice will help you find sunglasses that will not only look fabulous when dining out this summer, but for several summers to come. Ben Conway, director at Dipple & Conway, shares this advice. 

go your own way
While following trends can be fun, we’d always advise our clients to lean towards something unique, timeless and a style that reflects who they are. Having confidence in your own sense of style, and the look you want to exude, is the key to unlocking your spectacle style potential. But if you’re just not sure, place your trust in a good stylist. Just as we’d trust a dish recommendation from the maître d’, a professional trained eyewear stylist knows what looks good on you. 

take it slow
Never shop for new sunglasses in a hurry, especially if you’re investing in a pair that you’d like to last you for years to come. So perhaps before you reserve that table for a summertime catch up with friends, book an appointment with one of our stylists. 

One of our stylists, Hannah, has been through the Chanel Academy of Styling. She knows exactly what to look for and will encourage clients to take as much time as they need. 

We would much rather see people for two, three or even more appointments until they find ‘the one’. A good stylist wants you to walk out the door, feeling your absolute best. 

make a statement
What would you like your new sunglasses to say? How do you want to feel? When will you be wearing them? And what statement do you want to make? 

We ask all these questions and more because it’s important to get to know our clients as individuals, understand their tastes and lifestyle. Glasses are a big part of the way you present yourself to the world. 

Some famous names who have perfected their sense of style through their glasses include Richard Osman, Helena Bonham Carter, Oprah Winfrey, and Susan Sarandon – their spectacles say so much about who they are. 

you can never have enough shoes… or sunglasses
Would you be seen in your wellies at the theatre? Think about the occasion where you’ll be wearing your sunglasses. And if you can, build up a wardrobe of timeless styles suited to different occasions and times in life.

Sunglasses and spectacles are a key part of your overall look and help make an impression. When starting an important new job, for example, or looking for sunglasses to perfectly complement an outfit for a summer wedding, sunglasses can complete a look and help you feel great. 

  • Dipple & Conway Opticians are renowned for their exceptional eye care and for taking lots of time and care to talk to their clients and understand their lifestyle. To book an appointment call 01603 626750 or go to their website:

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