New activity finder website for fitness, health and wellbeing launched from Active Norfolk

A brand-new activity finder website Every Move has been launched by Active Norfolk.

This new web-based platform will provide an easy-to-use way to access a broad directory of exercise opportunities across Norfolk for the general public and for health professionals looking to prescribe social and fitness activities. 

Active Norfolk Director Ben Jones said: “It is a key part of Active Norfolk’s aim to ‘Get Norfolk Moving’, enabling everyone to have access to opportunities to be more energetic as part of their daily routine and the physical and mental health benefits that this can bring. 

“Every Move aims to help people find accessible and attractive ways in which to stay active. We hope that this service will be a key part of helping Active Norfolk achieve its ambitions to make physical activity the norm for everyone. Every Move already has good quality information about numerous activity sessions which take place around the county, and we expect this only to increase as the platform becomes more embedded across the system.” 

Mrs Rebecca Hill, owner of Wagdale, a new dog walking site in Barnham Broom who has signed up as business and personal user of the activities on offer with Every Move said: “The Every Move website is a great platform of information and offers lots of activities I would not have otherwise known about. It is very easy-to- use, all in one place, a unique provider. I think this is the perfect time to launch such a site to encourage people to engage in physical activities and promotes both physical and mental wellness.” 

She added: “We listed our company Wagdale on Every Move. We opened Wagdale in Barnham Broom recently to give owners and their dogs time and space for fun in a secure environment. Mental health is something close to my heart and when I see how much people smile while taking their dogs into our exercise field it really warms my heart. I know many dogs have been rescued and this is the perfect place for new owners and pets to get to know each other. Dogs are therapy in themselves and bring us much joy being part of our families. We are very excited to add Wagdale to the Every Move website and look forward to booking up other activities ourselves from this Active Norfolk campaign.”

Every Move is a standalone website which will ensure users who are looking to find exercise opportunities in their areas have just one place to look. Activity providers, sports clubs and informal activity groups across the county directly list details of their activity sessions including times, locations, dates, facilities, and accessibility provision on the site. Providers and clubs can also upload images of their sessions and detailed descriptions so people looking to start a new form of activity can gain as much information ahead of attending the sessions as possible. 

The launch of Every Move has been timed to coincide with ‘peak season’ for physical activity as more people make resolutions to adopt healthier lifestyles through physical activity following the festive and new year periods. The aspiration is that Every Move will enable people at any stage of their physical activity journey to find activity that is right and accessible for them. 

One of the key strengths of Every Move is the focus on accessibility. Providers can specify in detail their own considerations for people with accessibility needs when uploading their activity sessions. They are also asked several questions about facilities and accessibility considerations at these sessions. 

Every Move already has more than 100 activity providers have promoted over 300 regular physical activity sessions across the county, from King’s Lynn to Great Yarmouth. 

The public launch of Every Move begins in mid-January 2022, when it is anticipated more and more providers will begin to use the platform as a method of advertising their physical activity sessions. 

A key consideration for the platform is recognising the diversity of physical activity opportunities there are. With this is mind, the site has been set up to enable providers of all types and sizes to use it. 

The activities on Every Move are primarily aimed at informal settings and groups, and the focus is not necessarily about competitive sport. At present there are archery clubs, ballroom dancing sessions, running groups, cricket clubs and yoga and flexibility classes for people to discover, read about and go along to if they so choose. 

Every Move has been produced after receiving more than £100,000 of EU programme investment to help increase out of season tourism and support carers of people living with dementia, through the Interreg EXPERIENCE and MONUMENT programmes. 

  • You can find out more by visiting the site at now. Countywide promotion via social media, poster campaigns, display advertising and stakeholder networks will begin in late January 2022. 

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